What Makes a Camera Good?

Many people think that photography is all about snapping pictures on your phone and calling it a day, but it is so much more than that. Being a photographer stony brook is all about taking light from lenses and capturing that light in a photo, which means that a camera with a good lens is the best quality to look for.

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The flash function in a camera can help make photos look good in a darker environment, and reflectors (the massive things you saw every school picture day) can help control the light and direct it wherever you need it to go. So, a good camera needs to have a good lens to capture light, and also a great flash to create its own light.

However, many of the things you’ll need from a camera are often mutually exclusive. If you need a camera that is easily portable, then you’ll be sacrificing some of the heavier equipment to make photos picture perfect. If you want to go the bulkier route, then your camera station won’t be as portable. So take these tradeoffs into consideration when you decide what type of photographer you want to be.

The camera needs to have a great Aperture, ISO and shutter speed. Those three factors control the amount of light your camera receives, the sensitivity of the camera to that light, and how long the camera is exposed respectively. Since a camera is all about light, knowing the values for each of those three factors will help you take better photos.

Finally, pick the correct lens that will match all of those settings and you’ll have the perfect camera to create and take the best photos. So study up before you buy a new camera, and then everything (much like your pictures) will become clear.

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