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Caring for Old Books

If you have books on your shelves, they are likely in the stages of decay. This can be detrimental if a book is valuable, such as a first condition or one with sentimental value. These need precise care and attention to maintain their beauty, condition, and value. You can always use restoration services south Burlington vt professionals to restore your book, but preventative care is much better. Keep your books readable for years with these simple tips to care for valuable and old books.

Direct Sunlight

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Keep books out of the sun as much as possible. The sun fades the covers of books, taking away their value if the book is rare. To keep them out of the sun, you can use a dust jacket to protect the cover of the book, or a book cover that is UV-resistant.


Dust can wreak havoc on a book and lead to mildew and mold as well as bugs. Dust books to keep them clear of debris but be very gentle and do not use any type of chemical cleaner. You can also store books in cabinets with glass-fronts or wrap them in book covers.

Control Humidity

It is important to keep books out of moisture and heat. Heat can make leather spines crack and separate book glue. Do not put them near air conditioning units or windows with leaks, as these could cause mold to grow on the pages. Books should be stored in temperatures slightly below 70 degrees F with a humidity between 45 and 60 percent.

These are some great tips when it comes to keeping your books in pristine condition. Keep them out of direct UV light, dust them often to stop any accumulation of dust and mold, and watch out for high temperatures and humidity that could cause damage.